Vehicle Inspection


The aim of Vehicle Inspection is to make a checkup whether the vehicles are registered or not and in order to ensure the road worthiness & safety of vehicles.
The Three Main Tasks of Vehicle Inspection Department
(a) To inspect the necessary data in regard to the vehicle.
(b) To inspect Road Worthiness & Safety of Vehicle.
(c) To inspect Safety Regulation of Vehicle.

Types of Vehicle which are being registered

(a) Passenger vehicle
(b) Light Truck
(c) Heavy Truck
(d) Bus
(e) Other
(f) Two Wheelers
(g) Three Wheelers
(h) Trawlergi
(i) Machinery

Vehicle Inspection

(a) Initial Inspection
(b) Renewal Inspection
(c) Transfer Inspection
(d) Auctioned Vehicle Inspection
(e) Inspection According To The Necessaries

Methods of Vehicle Inspection

(a) Visual inspection
(b) Theory inspection
(c) Inspection with Machine

Visual inspection

(1) Inspection on Make and Model, Type of Vehicle, Engine, Frame, Dimension, Equipments and registration data.
(2) Inspection on Vehicle’s Road Worthiness
(aa) Lighting System
(bb) Braking System
(cc) Steering System
(dd) Exhaust System
(ee) General Item

Theory inspection

(1) Calculation on Weight distribution.
(2) Calculation on Power Train Combination.
(3) Calculation on Frame Sectional Modulus.
(4) Calculation on Turning Angle.
(5) Calculation on Maximum Stable Turning Angle.
(6) Calculation on Weight to Power Ratio.
(7) Inspection Axle Load Weight and Dimension Limit in line with ASEAN Standards.
(8) Road worthiness of vehicles are inspected according to theoretically and practically for road safety.

Inspection with Machine

(1) Weight Bridge
(2) Exhaust Emission Tester
(3) Speedometer Tester
(4) Brake Tester
(5) Head Lamp Tester
(6) Noise Tester
(7) Side Slip Tester
(8) Pit Inspection

Issuing Vehicle Inspection Certificate (VIC)

Myanmar is a member of ASEAN and already agreed “the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Certificates for Goods Vehicles and Public Service Vehicles issued by ASEAN Member Countries”. So, vehicles from other member countries will enter and pass through for goods and passengers transportation. Similarly, safety for in-use vehicles is done in line with 1989 Motor Vehicle Rules, paragraph (9). For the above-mentioned matters, RTAD issues Vehicle Inspection Certificate (VIC). At present, VIC are being issued to truck (2 tons and above) and buses (25 seaters and above) according to “Directive No.23/08″ dated on 8 November 2008 of Head Quarter.

Weight Bright

Exhaust Emission Test

Speedometer Tester

Brake Tester


Head Lamp Tester

Noise Tester


Side Slip Tester

Pit Inspection