Vehicle Information

Registration of Vehicles in International Traffic

Types of Motor Vehicles
A “motor vehicle” is a power-driven vehicle that is normally used for carrying people or goods by road. It also includes rigid motor vehicles, articulated vehicles (a prime mover drawing a semi-trailer), and semi-trailers (a vehicle drawn by a motor vehicle in such a manner that part of the trailer is superimposed on the motor vehicle and a substantial part of the weight of the trailer and its load is borne by the motor vehicle). However, it does not cover vehicles that are only incidentally used for carrying persons or goods by road or for drawing on the road, such as agricultural tractors or road building contracting equipment. It also does not cover rail-borne vehicles, mopeds, and motorcycles. A type of motor vehicles specified in this Annex is in the Attachment.

Registration Obligation

Motor vehicles and semi-trailers used in cross-border traffic shall be registered in their Home Country in accordance with the rules set out in this Annex.

Use of Language and Characters

In vehicle identification marks, registration certificate, and registration plates, the particulars shall be entered in English language (in block and/or lowercase letters) and Arabic numerals. The prescribed use of English language and Arabic numerals shall not prohibit the repeating of the particulars by the parallel use of national language and characters.

Identification Marks

(a)Every motor vehicle in cross-border traffic shall bear the following identification marks:

(i)the name or the trademark of the manufacturer of the vehicle;
(ii)on the chassis or in the absence of a chassis, on the body, the manufacturer’s              production or serial number; and
(iii)on the engine, the engine number if such a number is placed on it by the maker          (not for semi-trailers).

(b)These identification marks shall be placed in accessible positions and shall be easily legible. In addition they shall be such that they cannot be easily altered or removed.

Registration Certificate

(a) Every motor vehicle in cross-border traffic shall carry a valid certificate of registrationissued by the competent authority of its Home Country.

(b)It shall bear the following particulars:

1.Basic Information
1.1 Title: vehicle registration certificate
1.2 Name (and logo) of the issuing authority
1.3 Address and contact data of the issuing authority
1.4 Country (also via the distinguishing sign) of the issuing authority
1.5 Authentication (seal/stamp, signature)
1.6 Date of issuance of the vehicle registration certificate

2.The Registration Particulars
2.1 License plate, or registration number
2.2 The distinguishing sign of the country of registration
2.3 Date of first registration
2.4 The period of validity if not unlimited

3.The Particulars of the Owner/Holder of the Certificate
3.1 Full Name
3.2 Address

4. The Particulars of the Vehicle
4.1 Type: Truck, bus, passenger car, etc.
4.2 Body
4.2.1 Brand/trademark
4.2.2 Model/code (if applicable)
4.2.3 Color (RAL code)
4.2.4 Year of manufacture (if available)
4.2.5 Chassis serial number
4.2.6 Number of axles
4.2.7 Empty weight (tare) (trucks and buses) (Painting of this information on the body   of the truck or bus is optional.)
4.2.8 Gross weight (trucks) or seat capacity (buses) (Painting of this information on the   body of the truck or bus is optional.)
4.3 Engine
4.3.1 Brand (if different from body)
4.3.2 Number of cylinders
4.3.3 Capacity
4.3.4 Horsepower
4.3.5 Serial number

Registration Plate

Every motor vehicle in cross-border traffic shall display its registration number on a special flat vertical plate(s) fixed at the front and at the rear of the vehicle at right angles to thevehicle’s median longitudinal plane, legible at a distance of 35–40 meters. The surface of the plate may be of a reflecting material. Semi-trailers need to display the registration number at least at the rear.

Distinguishing Nationality Sign

(a) Every motor vehicle in cross-border traffic shall in addition to its registration number, display at the rear a distinguishing sign of the country in which it is registered. This distinguishing sign shall consist of one to three letters in capital Latin Characters, at least 0.08 meter high and with strokes at least 0.01 meter wide. The letters shall be painted in black on white background in the shape of an ellipse with the major axis horizontal.
(b)The distinguishing sign shall not be incorporated in the registration number or be affixed in such a way that it could be confused with that number or impair its legibility.
(c)The way of display shall follow the rules with respect to the registration number.
(d)The distinguishing sign for the motor vehicles of each Contracting Party shall be as follows:

Cambodia: KH
People’s Republic of China: CHN
Lao People’s Democratic Republic: LAO
Myanmar: MYA
Thailand: T
Viet Nam: VN
Attachment: Types of Motor Vehicles
Passenger Car
Maximum permissible mass of 3,500 kg
Maximum of eight passenger seats
(in addition to the driver’s seat)
Bus (Coach)
More than eight passenger seats
(in addition to the driver’s seat)
Rigid Truck
Maximum permissible mass of more than 3,500 kg
Articulated Vehicle
Tractor + Semi-trailer

Note: The references to weight above are for the sole purpose of categorizing vehicles.

Information Conerning Vehicle
Owners of the Vehicles need to obey the followings:

(a)Any non-registered vehicles and registered vehicles which lifespan has expired shall not be driven in any public place.
(b)The Valid Registration Certificate shall be stuck so that it may be clearly visible from the front view.
(c)Owner is responsible to maintain his/her motor vehicle to control it effectively.
(d)If owner fails to make renewal for successive five years, registration of motor vehicle shall be automatically cancelled.
(e)Vehicle which has not been paid a premium on third party risk insurance cannot be used in any public place.
(f)Every motor vehicle shall be put in a horn to give warnings and the sound of the horn shall be in one-tone.
(g)Registration Authority can refuse or temporarily suspend registration of a motor vehicle which emits smoke too extremely to cause air-pollution.
(h)If owner neglects the dripping of fuel and lubricants that affects earth and roads dirty, the Registration Authority can refuse or temporarily suspend the registration of that vehicle.
(i) Changing the name of ownership when vehicle has been sold, negotiating the relevant office if the condition of the vehicle is not suitable to renew and the vehicle is in condition of cancelling, owner shall inform the Registration Authority to cancel the registration of that vehicle.

Type of Vehicles by States and Regions (as of June 2016)

Sr. State/Region Private
(light Duty)
(Heavy Duty)
Other Two
Machinery Total
1 Head  office 1226 10 17 1 51 1305
2 Nay Pyi Taw k13539 2061 1065 1250 3290 103974 199 497 177 126052
3 Kachin 3700 161 349 2101 228 113867 4753 2392 16 127567
4 Kayah 1291 145 512 362 126 66517 506 244 36 69739
5 Kayin 3525 99 662 598 418 93745 944 721 68 100780
6 Chin 321 36 32 102 24 10519 17 12 11091
7 Sagaing 7545 3360 5036 2876 1495 522698 5733 1219 111 550073
8 Tanintharyi 3114 447 1692 1277 399 177858 2249 1245 106 188387
9 Bago 6556 882 3868 3637 2180 411473 8949 1200 68 438813
10 Magway 4447 929 2762 3392 635 398119 4809 883 9 415985
11 Mandalay 68466 2985 46485 14909 11670 1462700 24698 19385 155 1651453
12 Mon 3416 275 4032 1500 624 258585 5768 1261 11 275472
13 Rakhine 1267 157 355 241 232 39343 1724 225 43544
14 Yangon 329793 15524 123700 17257 29902 249329 4111 3044 577 773237
15 Shan (Taunggyi) 10777 348 4371 2355 793 227248 591 1394 30 247903
16 Shan (Kyaington) 5125 153 2057 593 161 114648 5608 2702 28 131075
17 Shan (Lashio) 8302 273 5140 2556 938 125624 2583 3314 45 148775
18 Ayeyarwady 4241 1123 1403 947 675 404988 1972 3645 5 418999
Total 476679 28970 203538 55953 53791 4781286 75214 43383 1442 5720256


Vehicle’s life span are limited as the follows;



Life  span


Motor  vehicle

1 Year



2 Years



1 (or) 2 Years (according

to  owner’s desire)



1 Year



Private car Vehicle owned by Monk and / or Monastery
Hired Vehicle
Motorcycle Touring Vehicle
Vehicle owned by Ambassador
UN and its organizations
Vehicle owned by Ambassador UN and its organizations



Types of vehicle



Color of letter

Size of plate (L×H)

Size of Letter


Motor Vehicle

Private car




Width of font size 8.375″

Hired Vehicle



Touring Vehicle



Height of font size 2.25″
Vehicle owned by Monk and / or Monastery



Thick of font size 0.25″

Vehicle owned by Ambassador  UN and  its organizations



Height of stroke size  3″